Non-EU clients - Follow-up 45 min, MSc Nutritional Therapist

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Non-EU clients
45 min follow-up visits to MSc Sanna Peiponen.
Initial visit to a university trained therapist, MSc Personalized Nutrition Sanna Peiponen.
Nutrition therapy determines, among other things, nutritional imbalances and deficiencies. Nutritional deficiencies can lead to body imbalance resulting in physical and mental health problems and various symptoms. For example, the liver is not capable of eliminating the toxic body build up in the body without the need for certain biochemical substances. Lack of these can cause serious health problems.
An individual diet is defined according to the needs of your body, taking into account your life situation, genome, symptoms, medical history and current situation. Nutrition can improve the quality of life and balance digestion, immune defense, hormones and body inflammatory reactions. An individual diet supports our body's wellbeing and energy production and helps us stay vibrant longer.
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