Nordicure products are developed and clinically validated by our expert MD. Our main criteria is always quality, which is why we audit the partners we work with. We looked for a reliable partner for a long time to manufacture new and sometimes hard to find products for our customers.
  • Exctracts are produced in EU in a cGMP certified medical grade process, with 30 years of experience
  • The origin of the plants is known (we often know the name of the grower) and they are grown organic and biodynamic
  • The extracts are designed to be strong or extra strong
  • Every lot is microbiologically analyzed for quality assurance

Are they organic?
The extracts are not labeled as organic even though the plants themselves are. The ethanol used for extraction is medical grade grain-free. Medical grade is unfortunately not organic so we can't label the end product that. When we analyzed organic ethanols in EU we found out that there is significant variation between batches, which would have caused quality deviations in the final product. We made the decision to go with medical grade instead of the organic badge.
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